Simulation of Complex Nonlinear Elastic Bodies using Lattice Deformers

Taylor Patterson University of Wisconsin - Madison
Nathan Mitchell University of Wisconsin - Madison
Eftychios Sifakis University of Wisconsin - Madison

Lattice deformers are a popular option for modeling the behavior of elastic bodies as they avoid the need for conforming mesh generation, and their regular structure offers significant opportunities for performance optimizations. Our work expands the scope of current lattice-based elastic deformers, adding support for a number of important simulation features. We accommodate complex nonlinear, optionally anisotropic materials while using an economical one-point quadrature scheme. Our formulation fully accommodates near-incompressibility by enforcing accurate nonlinear constraints, supports implicit integration for large time steps, and is not susceptible to locking or poor conditioning of the discrete equations. Additionally, we increase the accuracy of our solver by employing a novel high-order quadrature scheme on lattice cells overlapping with the model boundary, which are treated at sub-cell precision. Finally, we detail how this accurate boundary treatment can be implemented at a minimal computational premium over the cost of a voxel-accurate discretization. We demonstrate our method in the simulation of complex musculoskeletal human models.

T. Patterson , N. Mitchell , E. Sifakis Simulation of Complex Nonlinear Elastic Bodies using Lattice Deformers in proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, 2012